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293871 - Case Study: Improved budgeting with d/EPM Learn how Rosen Hotels & Resorts extended the standard d/EPM budget process to improve accuracy and flexibility through the use of techniques such as allocation to push budgets from the parent company to the hotels and custom drivers to budget month-by-month using ratios from previous year. As a result, Rosen is able to run recalculations in less time and added data integrity ensuring that only the selected areas area updated. Case Study Mike Lewis
293996 - Talent Science: What Makes A Great Leader With the introduction of Talent Science Strategic Leadership Insights, organizations can gain a better understanding of how their leaders approach work and clear the pathway to success. In this exciting session, attendees will have the opportunity to complete the Talent Science survey, and learn how by evaluating leadership style, characteristics, and strengths can create more effective leadership evaluations to reflect your company’s competencies, values, and drivers. Product Jill Strange
294332 - Case Study: Tips and tricks for migrating to EAM V11.4 and beyond Join this session for an overview from Lawrence Livermore National Labs of their National Ignition Facility’s upgrade from Infor EAM v11.x to v11.4, including mobility tools. You'll learn about pitfalls to avoid when upgrading, as well as many other tips and tricks for IT professionals. Case Study Kevin White
294480 - Case Study: Flexco's journey to the cloud Flexco, an Infor LN customer, is committed to providing products and services that maximize belt conveyor uptime, productivity, and safety. If you are a discrete manufacturer who is also considering a cloud upgrade, attend this session for insights into why Flexco decided to upgrade to CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise from their on-premise LN 10.4 implementation—including the opportunities and challenges with this transformative project. Case Study Tim Cogan
295068 - Speed: Decipher Infor’s iSeries alphabet soup Infor has led the technology world with new enterprise application solutions, but are you confused as to what is what? What is OS? ION? AI? BI? 10x? CloudSuite? SaaS? You'll leave this session knowing what these functions are and how they can help you. This session is not a technical review but a management review of these technologies. Speed Richard Altenau
295573 - Case Study: Create one employee record with HCM Cloudsuite Attend this session where Riverside will share its journey from on-premises Lawson to Cloudsuite HCM. Riverside now focuses on one employee record and has eliminated disparate systems over a three-year project plan. Riverside will share lessons learned and what's next as it continues to align HCM workflows with system performance. Case Study Lori Hoekstra
296195 - Case Study: Automating financial reconciliation Manual reconciliation is a timely and expensive process. Conservative estimates suggested that it was costing National Australia Bank more than $1.3 million each year. See how NAB is moving toward a completely automated process thanks to the simple idea of combining internal reporting and behavioral changes with the development of a new, user-friendly MRM tool. Case Study Shellie Joyce
296561 - Case Study: Transition management—Think outside the box White Lodging needed to increase internal promotability and create an initial stage of succession management as the baseline to use for future project deployments of the succession management module. Attend this session to learn how White Lodging achieved this goal with an “outside the box” implementation of transition management. Case Study Paula Knaul
301073 - Case Study: Discover dynamic workflow approvals for business processes Learn how Prime Healthcare maintains a list of approvers in the reason code so approvers can choose where to route approvals within Process Automation. Case Study Thennarasu Eswaran
301105 - Case Study: Digital transformation with SyteLine Moldes Medellin Ltda., a division of Ross International, uses a parametric approach to standardize, digitalize, and automatically centralize CAD data on SyteLine. Using SyteLine and Mongoose, the company is automating connections from their CREO CAD system to SyteLine and from SyteLine out to their CNC and CMM programs to automate mundane tasks and save time. Attend this session to learn more. Case Study Juan Cadavid
301366 - Case Study: City of Franklin—Lessons learned changing from silos to enterprise apps Over the last decade, Dr. Jordon Shaw, IT Director with the City of Franklin, has worked to convert siloed applications into Infor Public Sector to increase efficiencies. Join Dr. Shaw as he discusses the ups and downs from the last decade of this transition. Case Study Jordon Shaw
301403 - Roundtable: Cloverleaf roundtable discussion Join us for an open discussion with representatives from product management, R&D, support, and consulting services to collaborate with your peers and have your voice heard on Infor Cloverleaf and connected healthcare. Many ideas discussed during this session are incorporated into product plans, so please join us for a lively discussion. Roundtable Rob Abbott
301409 - Roadmap: Cloverleaf today and tomorrow Clinical interoperability is evolving quickly, and so is the Cloverleaf Integration Suite. Infor continues to invest and innovate with Cloverleaf. During this session, product management will discuss trends in the field, the current state of the product, and the roadmap for future versions. Roadmap Rob Abbott
301562 - Introducing FHIR and how Cloverleaf enables its use FHIR has arrived, and FHIR-based innovation is springing up across the industry, promising to unlock data sharing across payers, providers, consumers and beyond. Learn about the significance of FHIR to the industry, introduction of the FHIR specification, and how Cloverleaf supports FHIR, which includes extensive support for FHIR, and FHIR enabling legacy systems. Product Corey Spears
301565 - Product: Working with FHIR in Cloverleaf and FHIR Bridge Implementing FHIR-based integration to legacy systems has many project-delaying challenges. The Cloverleaf product team has been hard at work implementing extensive support for working with FHIR and connecting legacy systems to the FHIR-based ecosystem. In this “how to” session we’ll describe how to use Cloverleaf and FHIR Bridge to simplify and accelerate your FHIR projects. Product
301566 - Product: Using Cloverleaf API Gateway for healthcare API management API-driven connectivity has emerged as a principle approach to connecting healthcare, and managing the burgeoning number of APIs in healthcare is a huge challenge. This session will cover how to leverage the Cloverleaf API Gateway to avoid point-to-point chaos, and provide enterprise class management of your APIs backed by the power of Cloverleaf. Product Corey Spears
301567 - Product: Clinical Bridge—Connect EHR, finance, supply chain, and contract management In this session, you'll learn how Clinical Bridge works and how customers have quickly reaped benefits to "bridge" their Epic, Cerner, or other EHR systems to their Infor finance, supply chain and contract management applications. Product Corey Spears
301570 - Product: Introducing Cloverleaf cloud for Infor AWS Cloverleaf became available as a managed cloud service in Infor AWS in May 2019. In this session, you'll learn what makes a good it, how it works, and what the experience will entail. Cloverleaf as a service offers many benefits, including speed to deployment, lower capital outlay, unburdening of development and implementation teams, high availability with up-to-date software, and faster project completion. Product Rey Currie
301575 - Product: Developing solutions with Cloverleaf Consolidator, FHIR, Birst, and Mongoose Join this session to learn more about Consolidator and components of Infor OS. You'll learn how to leverage them to develop solutions, and how customers are succeeding with Consolidator by aggregating data from multiple HL7 and CCD sources, sharing that data via FHIR or CCD, gaining insight from the data via Birst, and finally viewing the data and building applications in Mongoose. Product Rey Currie
309891 - Roundtable: Infor Public Sector—Birds of a feather Learn about new product directions, enhancements, support, and market updates for Infor Public Sector (Hansen). Join other Hansen users for direct discussions with the product, support, and development staff. This is your chance to have your voice heard. Roundtable Robert Benstead
310206 - Case Study: From full sun to cloud first After years of building multiple data centers and co-location arrangements, Batteries Plus Bulbs embraced a cloud-first approach. Batteries Plus Bulbs was centralizing retail POS functionality in 2001 (before cloud was cool), and continues the journey with cloud POS, while migrating to Infor's cloud. Join this session to learn why cloud first should be objective one. Case Study Michael Lehman
310248 - Roadmap: Testing as a Service—Product vision and roadmap In this session you'll get an overview of the Testing as a Service (TaaS) product vision and roadmap. Come with your innovative ideas because the product director will be collecting fresh ideas on where you, as customers, want to see Infor head with the TaaS product direction. Roadmap Jeffrey Brown
310525 - Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) deep dive Get a close look at Infor IBP S&OP Xpress. See how it works, how it can help you run a successful S&OP process and learn how to use the various Workbenchs inside the system to analyze if your year end forecast and supply plans are going to meet your budget. Product Jerry Bolton
310526 - Introduction to Demand+ In this general overview of Demand+, learn how to drill down into troubled brands and regions to adjust your forecast and address shortfalls. You'll also learn how to use forecast collaboration to make updates in a convenient spreadsheet-style view. We will discuss the advanced forecasting techniques available and how Infor Demand+ fits into your overall Infor solution set. Product Jerry Bolton
310527 - New cloud-based end-to-end Supply Chain Planning Need to review sales forecasts and manage your inventory investment across your warehouses? Or review your supply network and decide what to make or buy, where and when? How do you schedule your production resources effectively to maximize throughput and meet your revenue, profit, and margin objectives? Learn how our cloud-based Supply Chain Planning suite can help you do all of this and more. Product Jerry Bolton
310529 - Academy: Hands on with Infor IBP Demand+ In this session, you'll get a general introduction to Infor IBP Demand+. You'll learn about everything from statistical forecasting to accuracy analysis to forecast collaboration and promotions. We'll also look at safety stock simulations and using the forecast error to set service-based safety stocks. Academy - Test Drive Jerry Bolton
310530 - Academy: Hands on with Infor IBP Advanced Scheduling In this session you'll use Infor IBP Advanced Scheduling to perform every day scheduling tasks like: Schedule packing to cover demand for finished products, reviewing scheduling results with the KPI dashboard, creating inflow from packing to preceding stages, and replenishing packing material based on the packing schedule. Academy - Test Drive Jan-Willem van Wieren
310531 - Introduction and Overview of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) - How it all works together The Infor IBP suite of Supply Chain Planning products has a number of modules (Demand+, Inventory+, Supply+, S&OP and Scheduling) that can all work togerther or individually or in smaller combinations. This session will describe how each module can help you, what combinations of modules you can use and how the data flows between the modules. We will also show you the data flows out off and into your ERP. Product Maurice Ham
310532 - Roadmap: Infor IBP roadmap and future direction Find out about the short term roadmap for Infor IBP (Demand+, Inventory+, Supply+, S&OP, and Scheduling) during this session. We will also discuss the future direction and what cloud computing means for Infor IBP customers. Roadmap Maurice Ham
310639 - Roadmap: Infor Public Sector Suite Attend this session to learn about the roadmap for Infor Public Sector Suite (IPS) and its two extension products: Infor Field Inspector and Rhythm for Civics. You'll hear about specific features in development as well as the general direction for the products—and the thinking behind it. Roadmap Mark Oliver
310875 - Product: New directions for Infor Public Sector and GIS Infor Public Sector Suite (Hansen) has undertaken a detailed development effort for modernizing GIS administration. IPS/Hansen experts will present the new functionality that has been created for managing and synchronizing your map data. This presentation will update you on the roadmap details as well as the actual business and functional advantages that will be available. Product Robert Benstead
310884 - Product: Rhythm for Civics—What's new, what's possible Rhythm for Civics, the business and citizen engagement portal, continues to evolve. This session will demonstrate the new features in Rhythm for Civics, as well as show you what is possible with a simple configuration. Product Mark Oliver
311882 - Tips & Tricks: Building value-based analytics that sparkle Learn how to deliver dashboards that go beyond the classic "reports on a page" approach. This session will provide guidance on developing quick, clear, valuable, and actionable visuals that deliver meaningful business value. Using Birst as the platform, you'll discover ways to rapidly provide business-user accessible solutions that appeal and inform. Tips & Tricks Karn Johal
312708 - Tips & Tricks: Costing patient level activities with TrueCost Attend this session where you'll see how to use TrueCost to determine the cost of patient level activities. Tips & Tricks Zan Miller
312872 - Speed: Sustainability—A strategic initiative to drive top and bottom line growth. Being sustainable is no longer a public-relations exercise. Today it’s good business. Whether driven by millennials or consumers demanding greater transparency within their supply chains, brands and retailers must focus on sustainability and leverage it as a competitive advantage. This session will examine supply-chain sustainability and best practices like traceability to become more strategic with sustainability efforts. Speed Guy Courtin
312911 - Vision: What digital and networked supply chain means for retail Join this session for a deep dive into the impact of a networked supply chain for retail. Starting with the digitally empowered consumer, through to the entire network, we’ll examine what’s needed and what can be achieved through digitization. Speed Guy Courtin
312915 - Case Study: The Burton Corporation develops a world-class supply chain by combining people with technology This session will discuss how Burton has built a world-class supply chain, one that encompasses sustainability, agility, relationships, and constant innovation. You'll learn how Burton invests in technology and people to create a superior supply chain that supports its innovative road map. Case Study Rachel Grogan
313804 - Case Study: Leverage Optiva PLM to manage compliance Recently, Keurig Dr Pepper implemented new features in its Optiva PLM system to improve the robustness of its compliance with the US FSMA rules and similar regulations. This presentation will highlight some of these features including: specification management, document expiration management, project management, and automated reporting. Case Study Bob Wimpfheimer
313867 - Roadmap: CloudSuite WMS (Supply Chain Execution) vision and roadmap Take a deep dive into the latest and future release of CloudSuite WMS. You'll learn about the new developments planned for warehouse management, as well as the strategy going forward—including support for industry capabilities and technology innovations. Roadmap Vishal Minocha
313871 - Introduction to Infor CloudSuite WMS Learn how you can achieve perfect order fulfillment using Infor's Tier 1 warehouse management system. We'll discuss cloud WMS best practices and support for integrations to warehouse automation and various Industry CloudSuites. Product Vishal Minocha
313874 - Product: Take a tour of Converged Commerce During this session you'll get an introduction to the Converged Commerce suite of products designed to enhance the customer experience in physical stores by offering mobile assisted selling, omni-channel transactions, store fulfillment, and loyalty programs. Product David Dorf
314268 - Case Study: Standardize document management with Cloverleaf and FHIR Learn how DMI leveraged a standardized data model, a generic FHIR Server, and Cloverleaf to build a vendor-neutral document management system that consolidates, normalizes, enriches, and validates data from different sources and offers a standardized open API to re-use the data in a meaningful way—in a matter of weeks. Case Study Simone Heckmann
314274 - Role of ERP in a Digital Strategy Digital Transformation may soon be the most over used words in the English language. Not every company is an Uber, AirBnB or Netflix. Hear how traditional manufacturing, distribution and service companies are transforming their processes with new technologies to gain competitive edge. Learn how Infor can help you accelerate your digital journey. Vision Andrew Kinder
314792 - Case Study: Streamline order and supply processes with Process Automation Learn how how Asante Health streamlined a complicated fulfillment operation with an automated Process Automation workflow. You'll hear about the development process, metrics, and lessons learned that will increase procurement efficiency and improve supply ordering. Case Study Randy McElmurry
314809 - Case Study: Build a business case for Birst Attend this session where FPL Food, LLC will share a comprehensive overview of its business need for Birst, as well as how Birst optimized the firm's operations and efficiencies. Case Study Saurabh Maniar
314941 - Speed: Capital asset planning in EAM Asset investment planning (AIP), capital asset planning (CAP), and asset performance management (APM) aspire to the same objective: Determining the future deployment of limited financial resources to manage your asset base and meet service objectives—for next year and even further into the future. Join this session to learn how to prepare and develop your long-range plans. Speed Jon Mortensen
315091 - Case Study: Capital Region's CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management journey Capital Region Medical Center went live with with multi-tenant Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management (CSFSM) in early 2019, and will highlight its experiences using the software, the steps it took to maximize the solution's functionality, and lessons learned during the implementation. Case Study Joy Brownfield
315102 - Case Study: Herman Miller cuts a one-year upgrade in half Herman Miller significantly cut its ERP LN v10.5 upgrade timeline by employing the power of the ERP community and strategic use of IT assets. Attend this session to learn the key decisions and other factors that enabled the team to hit their go-live date with a cross-functional team confidence that exceeded 98%. Case Study Kathleen DeBruyn
315134 - Case Study: Manage capital and operating requests with d/EPM Attend this session to learn how Rochester Regional Health created a TurboTax-like approach to allow operational users to submit requests for capital and operating expenses that follow an approval process for administrative review. Approved capital needs automatically create Lawson activities for tracking, while operating expense changes roll into the three-year budget. Case Study Geoff Bernhardt
315151 - Case Study: Energy industry association leverages Learning Management System (LMS) Since 2002, the Infor Learning Management System (LMS) has provided online training and testing to the energy industry. Close to 35,000 users access MEA Energy Association content through the learning portal. Attend this session to discover how MEA provides training and support to company administrators via telephone, email, and chat with LMS. Case Study Marty Vita
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